Survivor Letters

“Survivor Letters” is a project I started shortly after my initial breast cancer diagnosis. I found the diagnostic experience incredibly scary and isolating, and longed for a place where I could read the words of breast cancer survivors and thrivers. Survivor Letters are letters from those living with breast cancer to their former selves, containing the insight, support, and advice that we wish we had had at the beginning. No one should navigate breast cancer alone, and these letters are a virtual hug for anyone facing this illness from those who have been there.

Survivor Letters utilizes the term “survivor” not as anyone who is no evidence of disease, or anyone who has “beaten” breast cancer, but simply as a way to recognize the day-to-day challenges faced by those whose lives have been forever changed due to this illness, and to acknowledge that sometimes, we are simply surviving. All stages of diagnosis, treatment, and life are welcome to participate in this project.

To submit a Survivor Letter, please complete the form below. In your letter, consider including your age/stage at diagnosis, the types of treatment you received, comforting words and/or advice you wish you had gotten at the time of your diagnosis, and any other background information you wish to share. Letters will be published on Tuesdays as available.