All Aboard the Struggle Bus

I'm nearly six weeks into my fourth line of treatment - weekly infusions of Taxol, an IV chemo. My hair is long gone, and with it, my energy, and my ability to do almost anything most days other than sit on the couch and re-watch Queer Eye. (I'm not a TV person, at all, so … Continue reading All Aboard the Struggle Bus

Brain Fog

I'm currently writing this post from my back porch - there is just enough sunshine dappling my chair to be warming and soothing, but not enough to feel harsh on my sensitive eyes. It's been nearly two weeks since my SRS brain radiation, and barely a month since the brain MRI that set all of … Continue reading Brain Fog

The Hardest Decision I Didn’t Get to Make

Coming to terms with the loss of my fertility has been one of the most difficult parts of my breast cancer diagnosis. My cancer is estrogen-receptor positive, which means that any estrogen in my body fuels tumor growth. Unfortunately, a pregnancy creates a tremendous amount of estrogen in a woman's body. After my original diagnosis, I … Continue reading The Hardest Decision I Didn’t Get to Make