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In 2017, I was living in our first home with my husband and almost-2-year-old son. We had just moved out of New York City after a decade of city living. Two months after we closed on that first suburban home, less than a week after our fifth wedding anniversary, and 3 days after our son turned two, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After my diagnosis, I sought out a second opinion, which found bone metastases, making my disease Stage IV, with an average life expectancy of around 2-3 years.

Prior to all of that, I worked in NYC as an elder law attorney. My practice focused primarily on adult Article 81 Guardianships, capacity issues, special needs issues, insurance, and public and private benefits. I’ve also worked for a number of NYC nonprofits, and as a geriatric care manager. I was a swimmer throughout college, and completed the 2011 NYC Marathon.

Since my breast cancer diagnosis, I began this blog as a way to document my illness, treatments, and life following a cancer diagnosis. Through it, I hope to foster dialogue surrounding metastatic breast cancer, develop community, and provide educational information surrounding this illness. In addition to the blog, my writing has been published by Women’s Media Center, Scary Mommy, Coffee+ Crumbs, Healthline.com, CURE Magazine, and a number of others. In February 2019, I walked the runway for AnaOno in New York Fashion Week to bring awareness to metastatic breast cancer. Our show alone raised over $100,000 for metastatic research. Additionally, I am a member of the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance’s Patient Advocate Advisory Group, serve as an ambassador for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and was named WEGO Health’s Rookie of the Year for my advocacy work across numerous social media channels.

In addition to my blog and advocacy work, I host a podcast called “The Intersection of Cancer and Life,” which engages in candid, honest, funny, and often touching dialogue about the realities of life with cancer. My podcast brings to listeners unfiltered conversations about life with cancer, particularly metastatic disease, from a wide variety of both personal and professional perspectives.

I can be found on social media here:

Instagram: @beyondthepinkribbon

Twitter: @emrgarnett

Facebook: @beyondthepinkribbonblog

Youtube: @beyondthepinkribbon

Photo credit: Allison Hooban Photography

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hii, Emily.

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  2. I have always (32+ years) known that my granddaughter Emily was a fantastic, warm, loving human being. Wife Myra and I were privileged to know her and even to assist in her college experience.
    We had metastasized breast cancer experience personally, so empathized when it struck.her. But the amazing courage, strength, and resolve with which she has faced her own tribulations has shown us a greater womanhood than could be imagined. She epitomizes all the attributes of a fantastic person of whom we are so very proud that she is our granddaughter. Her husband and son can equally be proud of her in the family’s daily life. I am sure her wonderful parents feel as we do.

    Keep it up, darling granddaughter; we love you so much every passing day!

    Grandpa Paul & Myra


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